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About Us

Want to experience a gourmet Christmas trees? Tired of looking around and picking up Christmas trees?


Here at Sophie's Christmas Trees, we can fulfill all your desires!


With over 20 years experience retailing in Christmas Plants, we promise that every Christmas tree is in our highest quality. To accomplish our promise, we send our professional and experienced staff to select trees in Portland, Oregon, USA every year; ensure all trees are transporting in well condition. We also provide wreaths and poinsettias for your choice of decoration.


Easily fill out the order form and Christmas tree will be delivered right at your door! Various Christmas trees come in different sizes to fit different household. Simply choose the kind and size of a tree at your preference, choose a day and welcome the tree! No more running around choosing Christmas Trees and sweating from bringing back and setting up the tree. We do everything for you!


Order now to experience the freshest trees ever! Please see our product for further details.