Additional Information

Exchange (C152/ C148 stand only)

The “exchange” program: we will collect your stand at delivery and we will deliver your tree with stand installed. No new stand is guaranteed.

No Stand

You have your own stand and will set it up youself.

How to take care your tree?

To preserve the freshness of tree, Please:

  1. Keep away from direct sunlight, heater or windy areas. Let tree sit with branches scattered and no decoration for 2 days to maximize tree life.
  2. Fill the base with boiling water for the first time to melt tree sap from fresh cut.
  3. Add tree saver nutrients into water as per instructions.
  4. Spray tree and refill base with room temperature water, as the level goes down, add nutrients if necessary.
  5. If tree does not take up water or water base has been dried-out completely, spray tree more frequently to keep tree moisture.
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