About Us

With over 20 years experience retailing in Christmas Plants, we promise that every Christmas tree is in our highest quality. To accomplish our promise, we send our professional and experienced staff to select trees in Portland, Oregon, USA every year; ensure all trees are transporting in well condition. We also provide wreaths and poinsettias for your choice of decoration.


Order Cancellation, Exchange and Refund Policy

  1. Cancellation has to be made 5 days prior delivery date.
  2. Exchange or refund within 5 days upon pick-up/delivery.
  3. Exchange can only be made for item with following matter :
    • Broken Top Branch
    • Dry leaves / tree gap with minimum surface of 10”L x 10” W
    • Wrong size delivered


Payment method

We offer below payment options:

  • Online payment (Credit Card, accept AE / Visa / Master)
  • Bank Transfer
    • Bank of China (012)805-1-074325-8
  • Cheque
    • Payable to "Sophie's Christmas Trees" (P.O. Box 158, Ma On Shan Post Office, N.T., Hong Kong)
  • COD (Cash on delivery)


Stand Exchange / Installation Policy

Stand Exchange

We will collect your stand at delivery and we will deliver your tree with stand installed. No new stand is guaranteed.


Installation at delivery

For non-C152/C148 users or who preferred not to exchange stand, we can set the tree into your stand at delivery with charge of $150.


How to take care your tree

To preserve the freshness of tree, Please:

  1. Keep away from direct sunlight, heater or windy areas. Let tree sit with branches scattered and no decoration for 2 days to maximize tree life.
  2. Fill the base with boiling water for the first time to melt tree sap from fresh cut.
  3. Add tree saver nutrients into water as per instructions.
  4. Spray tree and refill base with room temperature water, as the level goes down, add nutrients if necessary.
  5. If tree does not take up water or water base has been dried-out completely, spray tree more frequently to keep tree moisture.


In time of COVID-19 local outbreaks, we imposed the following policies:


  1. employees who reside in buildings with confirmed cases are subject to home quarantine or refrain from travelling back to the office or contacting customers before getting health reports on negative testing results for COVID-19.


  1. We also will suspend the door-to-door delivery services in the buildings with confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the past 14 days. The orders will only be delivered to the Entrance of the building.


  1. All of our workers must perform a temperature check everyday and they must wear medical mask at all time.